Customizable Environments

DiMora Pod manufacturing techniques consider the many unique growing methodologies that are in the indoor cultivating industry. Unlimited design possibilities can be conceived to meet your project needs.

  • Our environments are offered assembled and unassembled with minimal tool requirements to put together.
  • Turn-key ready to accommodate any agricultural environment from day 1 of delivery.
  • Speed to market. Let us focus on construction while you focus on cultivation. Your DiMora Pod is ready to go.
  • As your business grows, we are here for you. Our customizable DiMora Pods can be added to your cultivation plan as you expand your business.
  • Relocatable. Our pods can easily be moved to a new location.
  • Climate control. DiMora Pods offer a cohesive precision controlled environment regardless of any possible  outside ambient elements for your cultivation needs.
  • Achieve energy and production efficiency utilizing your own personal cultivating techniques.dimora-pod-w-vestibule-8