Design Your Own

Customizable Environment Options

  • Any size (height, width) – Veg room, flower room, nutrient storage, etc.
  • Interior and exterior protective coating (fire rating, waterproofing, etc.)
  • Customizable facades to meet municipality requirements
  • Indoor gardening cultivation systems
  • Total fertigation management with ARGUS.
  • Charcoal systems
  • The Multi-Feed RM is part of a complete fertigation management system.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and data recording of crop moisture and associated climate conditions.
  • Sophisticated, highly flexible irrigation decision management including priority watering for designated zones.
  • Fully automated management of system capacity, line pressurization, and all irrigation system components including pumps, distribution branches, selector valves, and purge valves.
  • Control of all types of application equipment including zone valves, NFT, flood floors, food benches, and watering booms. High precision nutrient control.
  • Drainage recapture, treatment, chemistry adjustment and recirculation.
  • Washbay, drying, packaging and refrigeration in the facilities.
  • Sterilization room.


Each DiMora Pod has the flexibility to be delivered pre-assembled or panelized!


Turning Square Feet Into Cubic Feet

Grow as you Go! DiMora Pods offer unparalleled scalability to take advantage of vertical or unused space maximizing square footage and revenue.